Native Garden News

Come and look at the native garden now! With the help of volunteers, Sean orchestrated the second phase of the garden which features several Xanthorrhoea of various sizes. Surrounded by native grasses and groundcovers this will be absolutely fabulous come spring.

If you want to have some fun, join the gardening group and be part of a great team who are creating a wonderful environment for small wildlife and everyone who uses the centre.



The AHNRC and Summit Community Centre gardens continue to develop under the guidance of Sean and his hard working helpers, Sue and Gary. More plants will be added to the native garden demonstration area and the welcome garden in the coming weeks. The sensory garden directly across from the building is starting  to take shape too.

But  we need more helpers! If you love native plants or want to learn more about the local native species then this is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience. The team usually get together on Wednesday mornings so come along or call the Coordinator Val Hunt for further information.


Mobile Muster

Do you have an old mobile phone you no longer need and aren’t sure what to do with it?

We’ll take it! AHNRC is now a drop off point for MobileMuster.

Mobile phones are not biodegradable and contain substances that can be potentially harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of correctly when the phone is no longer needed.

To help reduce the number of mobile phone and accessories tossed into rubbish bins each year, drop your unwanted mobile and accessories off at the centre and we’ll recycle them for you.

Hills Harvest Exchange

Hills Harvest Exchange is a community fruit and vegetable swap held on the first Saturday of each month, from 10am till noon.

You are welcome to come along to see what happens before you decide to join, have a cuppa and you must try the guacamole!

Members bring along their excess home grown or home baked produce and take home any produce they can use.

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Native Seed Bank

The Norton Summit region contains a variety of native plant species, but these plants are almost impossible to find at local garden centres.

The aim of the Native Seed Bank is to provide a source of native seed for local residents to grow so they can revegetate their properties with indigenous plants. This promotes biodiversity and habitat while retaining the local native plant species.

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Household Battery Recycling

Most batteries contain harmful chemicals that are leached into the soil from landfill.

To reduce the number of batteries tossed into rubbish bins, the AHNRC will recycle your household batteries for you.

We have set up individual containers for different types of batteries. Collect your household batteries and bring them into the centre.

To date, 10 cartons of batteries have been collected. Well done to everyone who saved up their used batteries and brought them in to the AHNRC.

Remember, any batteries labelled “Heavy Duty” CAN go into your normal rubbish as they do not contain harmful chemicals.