SALA @ the summit


The Summit Community Centre in Norton Summit is presenting its fourth exhibition profiling the rich talents of Hills artists in the middle of August.

The idea for this year is Adelaide Hills Wild. It may be suggestive of nature, space and light but artists are invited to use their own interpretations of the theme which hopes to encourage  open and flexible responses . The exhibition is open to all mediums including painting, photography, mosaics, textiles, jewelry and sculpture.

The Summit is one of the few venues left that do not charge a hanging fee or commission and is extremely supportive of emerging artists. There were 11 artists in 2016 who had never exhibited before. With over 190 square metres of space in a beautiful setting, it is a perfect venue to showcase their work.

The exhibition will be launched on Friday 18 August and will be open to the public from 9am – 3pm on week days and 12 – 4 pm on Sunday 20 and 27 August.

A few firsts for SALA exhibition

There are going to be a few firsts in SALA @ the summit art exhibition this year.  In response to community feedback, there will be a mini craft market on Sunday 20 August. The Craft Market is a new feature, where visitors can buy directly from makers. Original craft items will include small mosaic pieces, knitted and woolen crafts, hand drawn Australian animal cards and T shirts.




Another new element is the People’s Choice Award given to the artwork which has the most resonance with the theme – Adelaide Hills Wild. The presentation is on Sunday 27 August and local wines will be available during the day.

The exhibition will be launched on Friday 18 August and will be open to the public from 9am – 3pm on week days and 12 – 4 pm on Sunday 20 and 27 August.

2017 Quiet Green Achievers hit environmental benchmarks

3 wonderful people were presented with Quiet Green Achiever awards on Saturday July 1st. They were each nominated for their outstanding contribution to the environment. The winners were:

Jon Radford initiated a tree-planting scheme that has benefits for Hills landholders who have lost their ancient, giant isolated trees. The plantings had a survival rate of 80%, thanks to Jon’s organisational skills. Birds, bats and soil organisms are the real beneficiaries of his work.


L-R Andrew Davidson (AHNRC Chairperson), Jon Radford

Henry Short purchased a farm at Mantung in the Northern Mallee to experiment with organics and stop the use of super phosphate by mowing the weeds. The results were: improving the soil and checking erosion. He was also a champion of the Mallee Fowl and embarked on a program of fox and rabbit baiting. He monitored the number of birds and recorded the improvements in their progress.

L-R Andrew Davidson, Henry Short

Jackqui Dekker joined Fourth Creek Catchment Group (FCCG) and has been active as a management committee member since its establishment in 2002; also providing practical assistance with the Group’s weeding and revegetation activities.

Congratulations to the recipients!

Native plant sale

The Kersbrook Landcare Group volunteers grow an incredible number of native species from grasses, groundcovers, understorey plants to trees in their nursery at South Para.

The Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre is happy to be hosting a native plant sale on Saturday 24 June from 10 am – 12 noon for the Kersbrook Landcare Group. Most seedlings are $2.00. Yvonne and friends will be at the AHNRC to advise you.

Please bring cash (small change where possible) and some boxes or bags to carry your new plants home.

Degrading my daughter’s future

Our next guest speaker is Professor Corey Bradshaw who will challenge you with his talk – “Degrading My Daughter’s Future – global environmental decline and the fate of human society”. Bradshaw

Corey will be appearing on Tuesday June 27th starting at 7.30 pm. The cost is $5.00 or $2.00 for students. Please pay at the door.

Professor Bradshaw’s current position is Matthew Flinders Fellow in Global Ecology , School of Biological Sciences at Flinders University. His extensive research projects focus on global change ecology. His work has provided environmental policy advice around the world.

Corey’s talks and publications are always thought provoking, stirring and inspiring so don’t miss this.