Vineyards, orchards and even our backyard fruit trees are damaged each season by insect pest species. Did you know that three native insectory plants have the potential to be used in the Adelaide Hills to enhance the biocontrol of pests? These plants support populations of predatory arthropods throughout the year. The opportunity to plant selected native insectory plants could help growers save time and resources by producing fruit with lower pest incidence, while enhancing biodiversity.

Dr Mary Retallack who recently completed her PhD researching ways these native plants help control pest insects in vineyards. She will be talking at the Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre at Norton Summit, on Tuesday October 8th at 7pm.  The cost is $5 payable on the night. To book email

 Dr Retallack will discuss many issues including, the importance of biodiverse ecosystems, biocontrol of bugs, good bugs, practical examples and tips and tricks. There are millions of little insect workers in production systems who are able to provide natural biological control virtually for free, if we understand how to attract them and look after them.