….., WE DO!

The Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre  (AHNRC) is now selling Who Gives A Crap  (WGAC) premium toilet paper, bamboo tissues and bamboo kitchen towels.

Who Gives A Crap started up when they learnt that 40% of the global population do not have access to a toilet. They donate 50% of their profits to countries in need of sanitation.

The products are not wrapped in plastic, contain no chlorine, inks, dyes or scents so are good for the environment.

Help us support them by supporting us. Drop in for your WGAC products.

  • Premium bamboo toilet paper (perfect for septic systems) $1.20 per roll (or $56. 00 for a box of 48)
  • Bamboo tissues. Box of 65, $2.00
  • Bamboo and Sugar Cane Kitchen towels, 120 sheets, $3.00