A group of 16 local community members picked up a whopping 6 cubic metres of rubbish over three hours last Sunday morning.

Ray and Jean White coordinated the Clean Up Australia Day in Norton Summit for the Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre with the help of several members of 4th Creek Catchment Group, some local residents and 4 children.

Much of the rubbish collected was able to be recycled, including cardboard, glass bottles, aluminium cans and steel. While the children reaped the benefit of the cash refund, it is a poor reflection on those who toss these products out of the car. Other items collected included tyres, plastic bags, car parts, rural and building waste, plus fast food containers. Guess how far you can drive eating a big Mac?

Most of these items were collected from roadsides adjacent to 3rd Creek and 4th Creek catchment areas and had the potential to cause harm to wildlife, aquatic creatures and to the health of the creeks.

What a great effort by everyone who helped. It is a pity that we still need to run these programs to clean up the rubbish carelessly dispersed by others.