2017 Quiet Green Achievers hit environmental benchmarks

3 wonderful people were presented with Quiet Green Achiever awards on Saturday July 1st. They were each nominated for their outstanding contribution to the environment. The winners were:

Jon Radford initiated a tree-planting scheme that has benefits for Hills landholders who have lost their ancient, giant isolated trees. The plantings had a survival rate of 80%, thanks to Jon’s organisational skills. Birds, bats and soil organisms are the real beneficiaries of his work.


L-R Andrew Davidson (AHNRC Chairperson), Jon Radford

Henry Short purchased a farm at Mantung in the Northern Mallee to experiment with organics and stop the use of super phosphate by mowing the weeds. The results were: improving the soil and checking erosion. He was also a champion of the Mallee Fowl and embarked on a program of fox and rabbit baiting. He monitored the number of birds and recorded the improvements in their progress.

L-R Andrew Davidson, Henry Short

Jackqui Dekker joined Fourth Creek Catchment Group (FCCG) and has been active as a management committee member since its establishment in 2002; also providing practical assistance with the Group’s weeding and revegetation activities.

Congratulations to the recipients!