‘Which Weed? Invasive Plants of the Central Mount Lofty Ranges’

Which Weed$20 each
Available at the AHNRC, this is a comprehensive pictorial guide to help identify some of the environmental weeds found in the central Mt Lofty Ranges.

Full colour photographs and detailed plant descriptions help to identify the species.

The book was compiled by Dr Geoffrey Bishop supported by a grant from Caring For Our Country and the Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board.

Biologist Geoffrey Bishop discusses some 195 plant species that have invaded the Adelaide Hills and are now seen as weeds in our gardens, bushland, roadsides and on agricultural properties.

Some are widespread in occurrence whilst others are confined to specific parts of the Adelaide Hills or in particular environments, such as watercourses and other damp sites.

This full-colour 118 page book will appeal to gardeners, community group members, bushcarers – in fact, anyone with an interest in knowing which plants are weeds and which are not!


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